Interviews to explore the source and manifestation of ideas



I've had over 1 million views on YouTube based on my spiritual books and work as a Speech Language Pathologist. Now I am devoting my leading YouTube channel to interviewing people who have written books, started projects, or have ideas that are interesting and benevolent.

Form of Being interviews authors and others using the power of creation to empower, inform, or delight - or conserve our environment. To watch the interview with Frank McNear about reversing Alzheimer's, click here. To watch part one of the interview with Journalist Josh Adler, click here

If you are an author and/or are implementing positive change in society, environment, tech, relationships, health and/or organizational change, contact us.

Interviews as Communication

I am interested in more than just the ideas. Watch this and this


Sharing Stories

Videos that I produced have been seen by 500,000+ students nationwide. I have written and directed three feature films. But now I turn my attention to a platform to share others' ideas.

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